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Products and innovations

AK-Grinder - the grinder with automatic tracking function

AK-Grinder - the grinder with automatic tracking function

Grinder application pressure is maintained at a constant rate while grinding is carried out automatically. Application pressure can be arbitrarily set, allowing for optimal pressures for a wide variety of work from deep grinding to stripping and other light grinding.

Automatically tracks the grinding surface even if there is welding deformation or other issues allowing for a uniform finished surface.

A high precision tracking control device developed by Aichi Sangyo
▪ Allows for easy-to-use automatic operation

▪ Tracks surfaces accurately even if there is any convex or concave deformation 

▪ Automatically stops if load increases to prevent grindstone damage and grinder burn out

Strong, high speed rotation cutting grinder
▪ Uses a high frequency control method and can use Φ 180 and Φ 100 millimeter grindstones

▪ Also allows for high speed grinding of steel and stainless steel welding beads at a rate of 45 to 60 grams per minute

Aichi Sangyo recommended Eisenblatter brand flap discs
▪ Equipped with German Eisenblatter brand high efficiency flap disc grindstones

▪ Radial laminated structure maintains a uniform polish on the grinding surface

▪ No grindstone clogs even during high speed reciprocal cutting

Robot mounted type AK-G04
Can be equipped on 20 kilogram and larger portable robots to suit various robot types. Because it is robot mounted, it can be used for grinding of complex sections such as bends, right angles, and curves by construction grinding programs. Grinders can be produced in two types: Φ 180 and Φ 100 millimeter type. Vertical slide for tracking will always return to the same position (height) via a home position return signal. Allows for creation of high efficiency and high safety processing programs. Also allows for multi machine handling through use of a tool changer. Vehicle body and propeller shape grinding, deburring. Shared vertical tracking slide mechanism; Φ 180 and Φ 100 millimeter high frequency grinder.


Product range

Orbima TIG 500 II

Orbima TIG 500 II

Automatic TIG welding system:  Orbima TIG 500 II

 Custom designed to order automatic welding systems developed for high quality, high efficiency, and powerful TIG welding

Aichi Sangyo provides the best quality performance when high quality and high efficiency welding is required, particular for confined spaces where access is difficult, in heavy electric machinery, energy, aerospace, plant, pipeline, and other fields.

Aichi Sangyo has been involved in the development of automatic TIG welding systems for over 30 years in the heavy electrical machinery, energy, and other fields.

We can provide custom designs and optimal heads to suit user applications.

Aichi Sangyo is able to design, develop, and offer this high-end automatic TIG welding system because we understand the needs of our customers.

Aichi Sangyo provides total solutions from development design, to delivery and technical service.


Basic system diagram:

System control panel

Welding condition output meter

Welding condition output terminal

Orbima TIG 500II main unit

LCD touch panel

Lightweight compact programmable controller


Orbima TIG 500II welding power source:

●Secondary side output precision guarantee

Guarantees welding parameters are maintained within ±1% of the secondary output side set values to ensure reproducible welding quality. *There may be exceptions for some conditions.


●Low heat input and low strain welding joint guarantee

Ensures low heat input and low strain welding joints through low pulse, synchro pulse, and other pulse waveform control.


●Powerful 500 A rated (at 100% usage ratio) design

Also allows for welding of plates of 500 mm thickness and above through installation of a 500 A rated inverter transformer.


●Stable arc starting up to 70 m extension

Utilizes a touch start arc start method which achieves good startability at secondary cable lengths of up to 70 m.


●Welding heads can be provided to suit your applications

Features a built-in 4 axis DC servo motor driver and welding heads can be designed to order.


Programmable controller

●Easy welding condition management through use of an LCD touch panel

●Strong and dust proof design makes the controller suitable for even on-site welding

●Welding conditions can be changed and saved on demand

●Substantial welding process management and system error history


Standard welding head


Welding heads can be custom designed

●Straight welding head

2 m straight rail linked structure

●We can also design and develop specialized welding heads, such as heads for circumferential welding (From 400 A), to suit user needs.

 Standard welding head

●Welding head design suited to user needs

We can design and produce welding heads to suit customer needs including heads for on-site pipe welding, extremely thick plate narrow-gap welding, and other specialized welding applications.

●High sensitivity arc length control unit makes even all position pipe welding simple

●Use of a bending rail also allows for pipe and vessel welding

●Addition of a hot wire unit allows for high deposition

●Use of specialized narrow-gap torch allows for a wide range of specialized welding including narrow-gap welding


Applicable system examples

■All position pipe welding

■Robot mounted welding

■Manipulator mounted welding


Specialized welding heads

Welding heads can be developed to suit your applications

■3D curved surface welding head

Welding conditions

Welding head side


■Circumferential automatic welding head

■Thin welding head



Company profile

Mainly focusing on welding technology, metallurgy technology, machine tool related products, importing the world's most advanced technology, develop, design, manufacture and sell their own products. 
It is an engineering trading company that provides technology to major manufacturers such as automobile, shipbuilding and nuclear power industry, and supports the Japanese manufacturing industry.