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Robot welding cell ASK-400 | The perfect introduction to robot welding

Robot welding cell ASK-400 | The perfect introduction to robot welding

The robotic welding cell ASK-400, is a welding cell from AKON Robotics, which has been developed specifically for SME companies and simple welding tasks.

Together with the welding robot BA006-N, by the industrial robot manufacturer Kawasaki Robotic. This is a excellent synergy result for an automated welding processes.

The minimum requirements for a welding robotic cell, for the entry into robot welding, were also consistently implemented by the engineers of AKON Robotics in this robotic welding cell.

The ASK-400 is characterized by a stable and compact design with the highest technical reliability.

Welding robot, positioner, welding equipment, controller, torch cleaning and welding smoke extraction were integrated on a common platform.

As with all robotic welding cell from AKON Robotics, the Plug & Play principle was consistently brought to a close at this welding cell.

Up to 2.2m wide welded parts, with a total weight of 200kg per table side, can be processed in this welding robot cabin.

The horizontal, 180 ┬░ reversible rotary table is positioned by a precision lock for high repeatability.

It is precisely in this environment that Kawasaki Robotics' hollow-shaft welding robot BA006-N can demonstrate its full performance spectrum.

Due to its slim design and the hollow shaft design, the Kawasaki welding robot BA006-N offers no additional interfering contours to prevent the automated welding process.

All standard features of the ASK-400 robot welding cell ensure that you get a fully-fledged robot welding cell at an excellent price-performance ratio.