Urguplu cad.No:36/38, Hadimkoy /ıstanbul
TR 34555 Istanbul
Product range

Resistance Welding Alloys (RWMA Class) and Consumables

CuCrZr , CuCoNiBe , CuNi3SiCr , CuCo2Be and CuBe2 alloyed 

Seam Welding Discs, Spot Welding Electrodes , Holders, Arms

Company profile

We are the producer of high conductive hard copper alloys such as CuCrZr, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be , CuBe2 , CuNi3SiCr with full machininig facility for resistance welding consumables like Seam Welding Discs , Spot Welding Discs , Electrode Holders, Arms, and other consumables with some of machineries.