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Flash welding

Flash welding is a type of resistance welding that does not use any filler metals. The pieces of metal to be welded are set apart at a predetermined distance based on material thickness, material composition, and desired properties of the finished weld. Current is applied to the metal, and the gap between the two pieces creates resistance and produces the arc required to melt the metal. Once the pieces of metal reach the proper temperature, they are pressed together, effectively forge welding them together.

Company profile

Beijing Holland Co., Ltd. is a technology & trading company engaged in the production and exportation of Chinese production line for cable & wire industry as well as electrical equipment industry.This is a private English speaking company,headquartered in Beijing with paid-in capital of RMB 2 million.

We also established business is iron and steel plant design and engineering and coal chemical project. There are top engineers in the iron, steel and coal chemical field for project planning and operation management. For complete iron, steel and coal chemical projects, the process design capacity is gained from the agency agreement with Pazhihua Steel Design & Research Institute in Sichuang, China, the top Chinese engineering company in iron, steel and coal chemic.