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dyomix® solution

dyomix® solution

With dyomix®, change over to hydrogen brazing, heating and cutting. Adopt a new reliable, responsible, economical and performing technology serving the development of sustainability of your company.

We offer a range of generators form 2kWh to 12kWh to respond to high-precision as well as high-power activities.

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The factory of tomorrow is an intelligent and flexible production site, which is connected, respectful of people and of the environment. By producing on-site oxygen/hydrogen gas from water and electricity, the dyomix® solution frees you from all the constraints related to storage, handling and distribution of gas. Our hydrogen torch delivers a clean and powerful flame for all your brazing and cutting operations. No more gas cylinders. Total flexibility. Minimized risk, simplified production. Come and see a demonstration at our booth to experience the ease and use and performance of our dyomix® solution.