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With a portfolio of more than 150 different alloys for joint and build-up welding, CARBO-WELD GMBH is a world leading expert for rod electrodes, flux cored wires and bare materials.

 At the 2017 Schneiden & Schweissen we would like to focus on our flux cored wire series F-S and its products CARBO F-S 6, CARBO F-S 12, CARBO F-S 21 and CARBO F-S 25. Typical application areas of these are in the high-temperature range of metal metal wear.

The welding properties of this flux cored wire series are outstanding: extremely low spatters, perfectly suitable for robotized welding, extremely bare surface, particularly uniform power transmission. The F-S series is produced in Germany - we therefore are offering a TOP product - with optimal properties, short delivery time and at an extremely attractive price.