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Products and innovations

S Al 4020 (AlSi3Mn1) – A material of great potential

• Al-based filler metal for aluminium–aluminium welding as well as aluminium–steel and steel–steel joint brazing
• Alloy developed with optimised parameters in terms of grain refinement, improved mechanical properties and influence of diffusion
• Filler metal that achieves the highest assessment group according to DIN EN ISO 10042 with excellent porosity values
• Very low hydrogen content in the filler metal
• Especially suitable for working with extra-large gaps
• On average ten to 15 percent higher strengths with simultaneously much higher ductility
• Well established in automotive OEM series applications

Company profile

With almost 100 years of Aluminium wire making experience in Germany, ELISENTAL is a world leading producer of Aluminium and Aluminium alloy wire.


A dedicated focus on Aluminium, with fully integrated facilities from melting and alloying to cold finishing, enables ELISENTAL to offer a comprehensive range of Aluminium grades in wire and bars.


ELISENTAL’s extensive range of welding wires includes high quality products for; MIG welding, TIG welding, brazing and metal spraying.