Room 2101, Yaojiang International Plaza,No.258 Wusong Road, Shanghai,200082
CN 200082 Shanghai
Products and innovations

Fiberglass composites and welding blankets

Firewheel supplies full range of the fiberglass composites and welding blankets and provides full technical and certification support. 

Product range

Heat Insulation Materials

Heat Insulation Materials

Firwheel is the leading manufacturer in China specializes in manufacturing and fabrcating all kinds of heat insulation materials made of fiberglass, ceramic fiber, silica fiber, HT glass fiber, basalt fiber, Aramid fiber and Bio-soluble fiber, we provide full-range products,  techincal as well as project service in different industry fields. 

Company news

FM4950 approved

Firewheel's series of fiberglass loomstates, silicone coated fabrics, Noepreren coated fabrics, PU coated fabrics and Silica cloth have obtained the approval of welding pads, welding curtains and welding blankets in accordance with FM4950.

Company profile

FIREWHEEL headquarters is located in the bund area, the most famous scenery in Shanghai. It covers around 1000 sq.m, the whole 21st floor of Yaojiang International Plaza. With over 20 workers in the headquarters, we have more than 20 years exporting experiences and the most professional services.


Due to our factory which is established in 1980 in Yuyao, Ningbo, specialing in manufacturing and R&D, headquarters in Shanghai dedicates more time and energy to exporting, aiming to provide the most professional services for our customers. So far, Firewheel has developed its own brand “ FIREWHEEL”. And the products have been exported to around 40 countries and regions in the world; both the company and its products enjoy great reputation world widely.