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Products and innovations

Water-Jet 3020 - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

Water-Jet 3020 - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

Cutting solution for virtually any type of material

  • Very rigid dual-drive machien bridge
  • Rigid frame construction (sides are made of stress-free annealed and milled monoblocks, which are fastened with pins during machine setup)
  • high-quality linear guides on all axes
  • Ground and hardened helical gears
  • Robust digital servo-drives
  • Totally enclosed moving units to protect against ingress of water and dust
  • Electronically monitored central lubrication system
  • Stand-alone cutting table with high load capacity
  • Exchangeable support grid with galvanized (standard) or stainless steel (option) slats
  • Powerful CNC machine control
  • Intuitive CAD/CAM software
  • Swiveling control panel attached to the machine

High-Pressure System BFT Ecotron 40.37 (included in standard equipment)

  • The most cost-effective high pressure pump made by a world leading manufacturer
  • Operating pressure can be adjusted from 50 to 380 MPa via an infinitely variable proportional valve
  • Optimized hydraulic system
  • Oil/air cooler or optional oil/water cooler
  • Pressure booster with exceptional lifetime and large pulsation damper
  • Other high-pressure systems are available as options

The water-jet is a universal tool

  • no thermal stress and only minimal mechanical stress
  • No hardening or intrinsic tension on the part
  • no dust, smoke or toxic fumes
  • small kerf width and very clean cut edges
  • virtually burr-free cuts = no rework necessary
  • direct plunge-cut at any position


Product range

Plasma-Jet Eco Compact 1530 with Powermax 105® - Plasma Cutting System

Plasma-Jet Eco Compact 1530 with Powermax 105® - Plasma Cutting System

The cost efficient solution for easy production jobs

The compact machine frame is perfect for small spaces

  • Plasma cutting system for personal use providing high value at a lost cost
  • Careful selection of the optimum components ensures that the same cutting functionality is available as in large plasma cutting systems
  • Machine can be moved and transported in its fully assembled state
  • The drives on both sides of the machine bridge and the drive of the X-slide along the machine bridge are carried out in a permanently precise manner by helical rack and pinion.
  • The machine has a segment-wise suction of the working surface, whereby the respective suction flap is opened mechanically by the machine bridge passing.
  • The distance between plasma cutting nozzle and plate surface is maintained by the Z axis height control; height control is regulated by an electric arc
  • Plasma cutter head with collision guard
  • For thin plates, the distance can also be regulated by roller guides on the plate surface, whereby the roller guides are lowered onto the plate surface pneumatically while the electric arc control is shut off (custom option upon request)


Company profile

KNUTH Machine Tools is a worldwide leading supplier of machine tools and accessories.

The company was founded in 1923 in the German town of Königsberg. Today KNUTH employs over 400 people in more than 40 countries to ensure reliable presence in all growth markets worldwide.

The great success of our business is based on highest quality standards, technology innovations, decades of experience and unsurpassed price/performance ratios.

Our dense network of German and international branches and dealer locations ensures worldwide accessibility for our customers at a local level, market-covering presence, expert consultation and prompt service.

Over 120,000 worldwide customers rely on KNUTH - from small workshops to large industrial corporations.