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Products and innovations

Inverter power source with integrated servo-drive control: AluSPATZ+

The high-tech controller SPATZ+ is a 1 kHz inverter power source with integrated servo-drive control. With its modular setup using a tandem
inverter it delivers welding currents up to 60 kA. Due to the fast response time and the integrated feedback of electrical and mechanical signals the SPATZ+ runs the adaptive AluMASTER control method. Deviations in the welding conditions like shunt effects or surface variations will be compensated automatically even within the short weld time with AluSPATZ+

Weld Gun / Actuators AluGATOR
Servo-motoric weld guns like the AluGATOR are the best choice for Spot Welding Aluminium considering the need of high electrode forces. The weight optimised transformer fits best to the high SPATZ+ inverter power. This weld gun system ensures reliable mechanical signals for force and displacement measured during the weld time to achieve the best resultsfor the adaptive AluMASTER and the Quality control NUGGETIndex.

Electrode management CapClean
As in welding of galvanized steel, the processing of aluminium entails the problem that the contact area of the copper electrodes is subjectted to contamination. The accumulation with aluminium leads to deterioration of the conductivity and effects the heat generation till the increase of the development of impurity layers will make the electrodesunserviceable.
For reliable spot welding of aluminium it is amust to avoid any impurity layer. This is carried out with the “drive in and get cleaned” device by regular
cleaning of the electrodes. The specific form grinding of the CapClean ensures up to 20.000 spots per set of cap with the right electrode contact geometry.

Non-Destructive Test NUGGETIndex
During each weld the SPATZ+ records the curves for all electrical and mechanical signals. These data are imminently analysed and condensed
to one single value, the NUGGETIndex. This quality parameter displays the final result of each weld spot with regard to the spot diameter.

Company profile

MATUSCHEK is a manufacturer of system components for resistance welding.
In our capacity of technology suppliers we are the world-wide reference for this production process.

MATUSCHEK components are applied in the manufacturing plants of the electrical and electronics industry,
medical engineering, vehicle manufacturers and their ancillary industry.

MATUSCHEK technology stands for:

  • Adaptivity in real-time for more than 20 years
  • Controlled joining of high and ultra-high-strength steel and aluminium joints
  • Short production ramp-up with "offline" MASTER plate thickness database
  • Detailed and significant process statistics SPATZQS+
  • Precise error analysis in maintenance with weld recorder SPATZMulti04
  • Medium frequency and 20 kHz high-frequency inverter power sources up to 100 kA
  • Servo-electrical power drives for spot and projection welding up to 20 kN
  • Servo-electrical adaptive equalisers for spot welding guns
  • Servo-electrical electrode tip processing system CapClean
  • Secondary, 40 kHz directly switched bipolar fine welding power sources as from 10 A
  • Servo-electrical linear fine welding heads as from 2 N