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Migatronic launches highly flexible welding machine

Migatronic launches highly flexible welding machine

Sigma Select is an entire new line of welding machines which fuses a substantial part of Migatronic’s MIG/MAG welding machine series. The new Sigma Select can be custom-designed with functions and program ­packages on an unprecedented scale, which makes it one of the world’s most flexible and cost-effective welding machine ranges.

Danish welding machine manufacturer Migatronic utilises SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 in Düsseldorf, the world’s premier fair for the welding, cutting and joining sectors, to launch the Sigma Select which in future will replace the Omega, Sigma and Sigma Galaxy ranges. Sigma Select comes in three power source sizes that can be tailored to any welding assignment by means of functions and program packages.

Adjusting and using the new machine range is quite easy. It is based on Migatronic’s tried-and-tested welding machines as well as the concept of a compact version and a separate, portable wire feed unit version. The Sigma Select features a detachable control panel with a graphic display and simple icon-based symbols which can be used as a remote control unit at the welding site.

We have designed the Sigma Select with the purpose of making it even easier for our customers to meet future demands for welding equipment. A Sigma Select starting as a ”micro car” is upgradeable to an ”estate car” by adding extra hardware or uploading new welding programs and functions, as customers’ requirements change. The robust cabinet which makes the welding machine highly resistant to impact, dust and moisture, also adds a competitive edge to the machine. We believe that we have created the world’s most flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly welding machine, and we have high expectations of the launch, says Torben Henriksen, Migatronic Product Manager.
Migatronic has designed the Sigma Select with the intension of including former entry-level-models as well as top models with modified arcs, such as Intelligent Arc Control and Power Arc. The important thing was to make the Sigma Select intuitive and easy to use so as to make the individual welder even better. Program packages and a wide range of functions make it easy to get started and adapt the welding machine to match current production needs.  

On the purchase of a Sigma Select, companies don’t have to determine whether the welding machine meets any future production needs. If requirements change, it’s easy to add new software. A further advantage is easy storing of welding data for the use of documentation and statistics, says Torben Henriksen.   
Also to Migatronic dealers around the world, the Sigma Select is a major advantage. It is no longer necessary for them to keep large stocks of different welding machines because the number of versions has been reduced significantly. This considerably reduces the expenditure tied up in stock. To demonstrate special functions to customers, dealers only have to insert a demo-card into the welding machine to temporarily release the desired functions.

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We develop intelligent technology for manual welding and automated solutions for ambitious companies around the world. We focus on optimising welding processes to make our customers’ welding production more efficient.

We believe that technology is meant to serve man, not the other way around. Therefore, efficiency, functionality and user-friendliness are evident in all that we do. Despite the high level of advanced technology, our welding machines and solutions are known to make welding easy.

We develop, produce and market Migatronic welding machines and solutions all over the world. Through a large network of dealers, we export to more than 40 countries. In addition, we constantly maintain and optimise our customers’ welding equipment through our welding specialists and authorised service partners.

We have more than 40 years of experience with constant focus on research and development of intelligent welding technology.

Our headquarters and main production unit are located in Fjerritslev in the northern part of Denmark. We have sales subsidiaries in ten European countries and sales and production units in India and China.