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Product range

Air motors

Air motors

modec vane air motors have been used for more than 30 years as an alternative
to traditional electric motors for many heavy duty applications, particularly in
chemical, petrochemical and automotive industries.

Our team’s technical expertise and business flexibility enable us to develop and
provide innovative, robust and powerful air motors as well as specific solutions
such as portable valve actuators, tapping machines and nut runners in a short and
reliable lead time.
Carefully assembled by our experienced fitters in our factory based in Valence,
France, made of parts designed by our engineers and manufactured by thoroughly
selected French and European suppliers, our products offer the highest quality
Our technical team is at your disposal for any definition, design and realization of
pneumatic solution that will meet your specific needs and requirements.
Welcome to the modec world !

Company profile

We (MODEC) are a French medium-sized company specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of air motors & solutions. We address very demanding and specific markets in terms of performance, quality, reliability and ability to withstand difficult environment (explosive, dusty, humid…) such as Oil & Gas, Chemistry, Nuclear, Power generation, Food processing, automotive, Marine & shipyard, …

Our small but dynamic company has been facing a solid and steady growth since its creation 15 years ago by leveraging its two main strengths :

1. Its Technical Expertize, its ability to develop innovative, robust and powerful motors & solutions that meet customers’ requirement in a short and reliable time frame.

2. Its ability to identify market niches in which its offer is well adapted (high demanding applications, high quality standards, harsh environment)

 Our products’ features and characteristics match perfectly high demanding applications’ specificities and requirements :

- Safety : No electricity = No spark and hot spot. No need for sophisticated control command equipment to protect the application. Our air motors are ATEX certified and work perfectly in explosive, humid or dusty atmospheres. No peak of current when reaching stall, no electronic cards to protect …

- Compactness :For a given power, an air multiturn valve actuator 5 o 6 times smaller and lighter than an electric actuator or than an hydraulic or pneumatic piston. That space saving ensures a better competitiveness to the solution.

- Reliability : An air motor is extremely robust and sturdy. It doesn’t heat up (on the contrary, the more it works, the cooler it gets) and doesn’t suffer when stalling and starting again, even at high frequency. It can operate 24/7.

- Flexibility : Air motors provide an extended working range in terms of speed and torque. They automatically adapt to the application constraints. They are easy to install, user friendly and almost maintenance free. No need for specific authorization to operate it, and it can work in any positions, from -30 to +150°C…

- Availability : Our lead times are short (3 days) and reliable. We do deliver anywhere in the world and have already 80% of our production exported.

 Please have a look at our website to get more information : www.modec.fr