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Reversing MFDC

Reversing MFDC

The patented* water-cooled Reversing MFDC power supplies are lightweight and can be used in robotic welding of aluminum in a variety of applications in industries, such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and many other markets.

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Fast Rise Time

Fast Rise Time

The RoMan F.R.T. (Fast Rise Time) MFDC power supply provides an economical alternative to traditional C.D.W. (Capacitive Discharge Welding).

When manufacturing requires faster through put, RoMan's FRT MFDC delivers.

No longer are you waiting for banks of capacitors to charge.  RoMan's FRT can be cycled in fractions of a second.  It can be controlled by any standard MFDC weld controller. The unit is small enough to be mounted on the end of a robot and robust enough to be designed into heavy duty welding machines.  

With RoMan's FRT, the wave shape can be customized to eliminate/significantly reduce deformation of your part.

The RoMan FRT can also be repurposed or reconfigured in the case where you have parts or materials that change.