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Studwelding machines for capacitor discharge welding

Studwelding machines for capacitor discharge welding
Product range

Welding studs acc. to EN ISO 13918, welding screws, friction welding studs

German manufacturer of welding studs acc. to EN ISO 13918: capacitor discharge welding, short cycle welding and arc welding (with and without fluxball). Welding screws acc. to DIN 34817, several automotive standards and friction welding studs. We produce all this kind of parts acc. to the standards and also on customer's demand (drawing or scetch). The following rawmaterials are possible: steel in several classes, stainless steel A2, A4 and A5, aluminium: AlMg3, AlSi12, Al99,5 etc, brass, copper and nickel.

Company profile

Welding, screwing, pressing and riveting -         
we make the best connections!
We manufacture screws and studs for a wide range of applications and technologies. Our customers include manufacturers of prototypes, machines and electrical equipment, automotive suppliers and also major commercial enterprises dealing with connectors.

We produce connectors for welding, screwing, pressing or riveting using a wide range of materials, sizes, geometries and drive types.