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Products and innovations

PM-500PT: Full digital multi-function MIG

PM-500PT: Full digital multi-function MIG

Shenzhen Huayilong Electric showcase its full digital multi-function MIG PM-500PT.

Technical characteristics

• Very reliable for heavy industrial usage, 500A output current with 100 percent duty cycle
• Stable and powerful ARC, perfect welding performance
• No spatter, no need polishing after welding
• Perfect welding performance even with 15 meter welding cable

Application fields

• Automobile and spare part manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, shipbuilding and more

Application materials

• Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Display Mode

• Digital tube

Product usage

• Heavy Industrial

Product range

HYL Robot & Welding Machine & Cutting Machine

HYL Robot & Welding Machine & Cutting Machine
  • Welding & Stacking Robot
  • Inverter ARC Gas Welder
  • Inverter TIG Gas Welder
  • Inverter MIG Gas Welder
  • Inverter SAW Gas Welder
  • Inverter Multi-function Welder
  • Inverter Cutting Machine

Company profile

Shenzhen Huayilong Electric Co., Ltd is a national leading digital welding equipment manufacturer in China. As a national high-tech company which is specialized in design, development and manufacture of digital welding products, Huayilong products and tailored services continues to expand to meet emerging customer needs. With proper integration of people, technology, markets, services and intellect, Huayilong delivers better outcomes for customers with equipments and solutions across the industrial sectors.