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Products and innovations

Dedicated services

To always guarantee a high level of services and to meet the growing demands of its customers Soudax offers test welding, demonstration, loan & rental, installation & training, control & checking, warranty extension and repairs.

The machines are built to last, and the Soudax team train the customers to get the most out of them. With Soudax, you are not only choosing equipment, but also services which will make you stand out as a manufacturer.


Product range


A wide range of welding heads : 

* Electromagnetic from 1 to 150 daN

* Pneumatic with porpotionnal valve from 10 to 150daN 

*Pneumatic from 1 to 10daN 

*Mechanical from 1 to 10daN 


Product range


A wide range of robust hand tools : welding pen, ball tacking, welding clamps and handles


Product range

GMF GENIUS inverter

https://soudax.com/en/products/rw-medium-frequency-generator-weld-inverter-power-source-inverter/ Choose the GMF Genius for your welding applications!

This inverter is available from 600 Amp to 15kA.

The GMF Genius has an intuitive configuration: Quick user familiarization thanks to a user-friendly touch HMI and an extensive functionality: Flexible to meet the expectations many micro-welding applications.

The GMF Genius can have different control, Control of current, voltage, force and displacement (optional sensors) for two operative parts.

The GMF Genius is an ally to increase your performance, productive, optimized welding cycle based on your needs, and

The GMF genius will allow you to have a reliable manufacturing process thanks to traceability by archiving the data on SUB or TCP.

Company profile

Building on French know-how in the end-to-end manufacture of transformers, Soudax has been carving out a place in the precision industry since 1973 to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries. Over 50% of our turnover comes from the export market and our reputation for expertise extends well beyond French frontiers.  At Soudax, detail is expert design, a team with a focus on client satisfaction, quality built into every stage of the manufacturing process, and an in-depth knowledge of welding and industrial requirements.

With its strong entrepreneurial ethos, our team is continuously innovating to enhance product performance. We develop technical solutions tailored to our clients’ welding challenges. Ongoing investment in R&D makes Soudax, a member of the French Fab ecosystem, a beacon of French industry. At Soudax, detail is: the rigour we bring to design and manufacture, which feeds into your production processes


As a business on a human scale, Soudax forges close relationships with clients and partners to ensure an efficient service. This trust makes us highly responsive at every step of the services and support chain: investment in machinery, maintenance, and calibration contracts, associated services such as demos and test welding, and equipment loan and rental.  Soudax, detail is a close working relationship with our network of rigorously selected local subcontractor partners which facilitates short supply chains and ensures that clients receive a high-quality service. A dedicated business manager will analyse your requirements in depth, manage your project right through to commissioning, provide training for your teams, and set the initial parameters on your machine. They are your point of contact throughout your partnership with Soudax. We deliver attention to detail end-to-end!