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The NEW Rhino Cart™ Modular Fixturing Station

The NEW Rhino Cart™ Modular Fixturing Station

Quickly fixture and set-up welding, fabrication, repair and modification jobs anywhere around the shop, or outside the shop, with the New Rhino Cart™ Mobile Fixturing Station: The Rhino Cart™ Package includes the table plus 66 piece Clamp and Component Fixturing Kit (adjustable positioning stops, hold-down clamps, pliers and locating components) that mates to the CNC machined 16 millimeter tabletop holes (50 times 50 millimeter spacing pattern) for accurate clamping or fixturing on the tabletop.

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The Profitmaker Merchandising Stand

The Profitmaker Merchandising Stand
Hall 11 Booth 11F58
09/25/2017 09:00
09/26/2017 09:00
09/27/2017 09:00
09/28/2017 09:00
09/29/2017 09:00

The Profitmaker Store Display includes a mix of the most popular Strong Hand Tools® products including: Adjust-O Magnet Squares, Pipe Pliers, Locking C-Clamps, and 4-in-1 Sliding Arm Clamps. Stand dimensions: 1,880 mm H x 660 W x 660 D. To receive your Discounted Package Price Contact:

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POSITION, CLAMP, & FIXTURE stock accurately for higher quality welds and faster production. Strong Hand Tools® Welding Clamps, Magnets and Vises, and the Rhino Cart™ Modular Fixturing Station, will help you conquer everyday workholding challenges. Take on new, and complex projects by having the right equipment in your shop.