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Business Divisions - all products

Transformers, Inductors, Reactors,
Choke coils,
Current sensors
Gate Drivers

Solder paste & Post-flux
Self Assembling Material
Solder resist for rigid & flexible PCBs
White reflective material,
Black absorbing material
Reflow soldering system
Wave soldering system
Spray fluxer & other peripheral devices

Audio mixing console & Sound editor
& other equipment for broadcast use
Wireless intercom
Wireless microphone
Communication network equipment
Security-related equipment
OEM product

Company profile

The company that would eventually become the Tamura Group came into being in 1924, one year before the start of radio broadcasting in Japan, as the Tamura Radio Store. Its main business was radio repair and the manufacture of original radios. In the process of pursuing superior sound, the firm came to handle the manufacture of the key component, the transformer.

Its reputation as the “Tamura of transformers” created a foundation on which to expand its businesses, including various electronic components related to transformers; flux and soldering materials that were born out of the pursuit of quality joining materials for the manufacture of transformers; soldering systems; and even broadcast audio equipment and communication systems, based on achievements in the manufacture of transformers for broadcasting and communication.

Currently, Tamura Corporation conducts business operations in three areas: electronic components, electronic chemical mounting, and information equipment, to develop and supply products that meet the needs of new markets, such as the environment and energy markets.

Tamura’s products have been supporting various industries and social infrastructure as “materials,” “components,” and “devices” that range from consumer products, such as automobiles and electronic equipment, to devices at manufacturing sites and natural-energy-related and aerospace fields. From raw materials to complete systems, Tamura’s technologies have contributed to safety and comfort as well as energy savings.

With the aim of continuously providing safe and secure high-quality products and services that satisfy customers from all over the world, the Tamura Group has been working on resolving social issues by promoting business activities while taking social and environmental impacts into account in all processes ranging from R&D, procurement, and production to sales.