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Planet-Aggregat for surface treatment

Planet-Aggregat for surface treatment

TriPURIS has developed a planar-type aggregate for surface treatment as an alternative to sandblast machines. With a universal mount for commercially available industrial brushes, such as cup brushes with an M14 nut or with shaft, and with up to 6000 rpm. This results in low cutting speed for using of Scotch Brite brushes as well as very high cutting speeds, for grinding and rust removal with aggressive, twisted wire brushes.

Combined with a 5-axis industrial robot, the high-speed cleaning, deburring, grinding and polishing with the Planet-Aggregat from TriPURIS is a novelty.

The use of standard brushes allows a very cost-effective use and thus high operating cost savings.

From rough heavy-duty to finest finishing requirements can be realized by the use of different brushes. Reproducibility is the main focus. This is regulated by checking different parameters, in particular the contact pressure force of the brushes on the surface.

A diffuse bevel image with small grinding marks and the 360 degree machining at each point of the surface result from the superposition of different motions of the Planet-Aggregat from TriPURIS.

Company profile

Supported by the EXIST – University-Based Business Start-Ups as a support programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and ESF, the start-up TriPURIS has developed a planetary-liked aggregate with an universal mount for commercially available industrial brushes, such as cup brushes, for surface treatment.

High-speed-cleaning, -deburring, -grinding and -polishing with the Planet-Aggregat from TriPURIS

Feasibility testing and development in our own laboratory or in cooperation with the university

- Full-Automatic Systems
Moving Planet Machines - TriPURIS Planet-Aggregat on an 5-axis industrial robot
Double-Shark P-150 - Two TriPURIS Planet-Aggregates single-sided or double-sided in a flow system for sheets with 3D surfaces
-Manual machines
Taifu-150 - Reproducible 3D surface treatment
Black Shark-150 - front-end deburring of 3D structures
Tubos Monster- pipe OD cleaning in the flow

• Contract manufacturing
Cleaning, deburring, polishing, descaling, paint stripping, rust removal
Components from sheet metal to round tube in many materials
• Customized machinery and equipment