From newcomer to global player: NOVUS AIR ENSURES GOOD AIR QUALITY

Four years ago, what was then called Novus Verfahrenstechnik GmbH was represented on the joint stand for innovative young companies at the world’s leading trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN (WELDING & CUTTING). This year the company, which is now called Novus air, will present itself as a specialist in the area of suction and dust-extraction systems on its own stand, with a new image and innovations.

The filter towers developed by Novus, which were new to the market in 2013, have since established themselves across different industries and beyond the borders of Germany. Participation in the sponsored joint stand at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN evidently proved to be a successful milestone in the company’s own marketing strategy. Over 500 systems delivered worldwide today ensure that customers have good air. Novus air is the market leader in the area of filter towers. The current market situation is good. A newcomer at the time, the company today has partners in Europe, India, South Africa and most recently the USA. Young companies and inventors with innovative ideas or product solutions who want to be noticed in the marketplace should be encouraged by Novus air’s story and exhibit on the joint stand. “We met future customers and partners at the trade fair,” says Yvonne Drabner, shareholder in Novus air.

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