A hotbed of success: High demand at the joint stand of the young, innovative companies

All market leaders are represented at the world’s leading trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 in Essen, a one-time event taking place in Düsseldorf. The exhibitors are using the international marketplace to present new, tried and tested and refined product solutions to a top end expert audience that includes a large number of decision makers, and to celebrate world premières. At the same time, the trade fair is a hotbed of ideas and talent: This year, nine potential market leaders of tomorrow are entering the “lion’s den” with their young and innovative companies’ joint stand. Here, they are exhibiting new developments for joining, cutting and coating. Represented in Hall 15 are Blue Lasertools, HSF Industrietechnik, LASER on demand, Maija Frästechnik, NewSonic, PALIGE-Schweißtechnik, Innovartis, Joinventure and TriPURIS. The effect that sharing a stand can have on business development is shown by the example of the newcomer Novus air from Weinböhla in Dresden. In 2013, its invention in the field of air filtering attracted a large amount of attention. The internationally active family business has since successfully established itself and now has its own stand at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN.

A breath of fresh air for welders: Novus air

Clean air is a central issue for Novus air GmbH, a specialist in the field of extraction and dedusting. It has already developed a number of innovative and customised solutions for many industries and companies, up to and including numerous industry clients. In 2013 Novus Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co KG,as it was still called in those days, was represented at the innovative companies’ joint stand at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN with mobile filter towers. They presented a patented market innovation developed by themselves. “Our marketing strategy has paid off” says Yvonne Drabner, partner and authorised representative of Novus air GmbH. “At the end of 2013, things really got going. At SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN we were able to make the right contacts and our product solution received a lot of attention.” The company, with its concerns for clean air and healthy employees, is now internationally active.  “We have partners in Europe, India, South Africa and now, as of recently, in the USA.” The trade fair is the most important marketplace within the industry for us. We are able to meet potential partners and customers here”, Yvonne Drabner is pleased to note. In 2017, the Dresden-based company will present its new image and innovative technology at stand 11B40.

Growth among the potential market leaders of tomorrow

The young and innovative companies that have become part of the mix since June are Innovartis GmbH, Joinventure GmbH & Co.KG and TriPURIS GmbH. Innovartis has representatives in the markets that are strategically most important, such as Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Russia and in the USA. Joinventure is a network of specialists in lightweight construction, focusing on joining technology. Practice and theory are represented in detail. Large projects from construction and evaluation to initial sample production and up to series production can be realised as part of this. TriPURIS has developed planar-type aggregate for surface treatment as an alternative to sandblast machines: with a universal mount for commercially available industrial brushes, such as cup brushes with an M14 nut or with shaft, and with up to 6000 rpm.