DVS in a portrait

The German Welding Society (DVS) is a technical-scientific society which, encompassing 120 years of experience, is dedicated to the more than 250 different joining processes. In this respect, the heart of all DVS activities is the joint technical-scientific work. It stands for the persistently close interlinking of contents and results from the fields of research, technology and education as well as for the systematic adoption of results from the other fields in each case. The affiliated DVS companies assume responsibility for the training in welding technology and are ready for the customer in the event of any terms of reference relating to all aspects of the joining, cutting and surfacing technologies.


As a large network, DVS has the tasks of bundling the specialist knowledge from the various fields and promoting the exchange of ideas about it. This community of people, companies and organisations leads to new technological developments and stimuli not only for the members but also for the economy. Because, with its work, DVS is primarily concerned with strengthening Germany as an economic location, safeguarding existing jobs and creating new ones. In this respect, the society pays particular attention to the young specialists. With various events and offers, DVS contributes to motivating the youngsters and making them enthusiastic about the work in joining technology.


The head office of the society recognised as non-profit-making is in Düsseldorf but the pillars of DVS are, of course, the all of 19,000 members. They are looked after directly in situ by the 14 DVS state branches and the 75 DVS district branches. Both at that time and today, the society unites people and companies from industry, commerce, skilled trades and science; the youngsters concerned with joining technology as well as experts with many years of professional experience; scientists, practitioners, manufacturers and users. Together, all the members of the society are committed to joining technology suitable for the future in every respect.