At the beginning of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 on September 25, the Kemper Arena in Hall 14 will become the showcase for exciting competitions for the entire period of the fair. Surrounded by fair booths and the trade public, motivated and talented young welders will compete against each other there in the Young Welders' Competitions 2017. For the third time in succession, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN will thus become the venue for national and international welders' contests.


Three different competitions will be staged in the course of the week at the fair. They will all place their faith in the four manual welding processes of tungsten inert gas welding, manual metal arc welding, gas welding and metal active gas welding as contest disciplines and specialist theoretical qualification test questions in the theoretical part of the contest. In contrast, what makes the competitions different is that teams compete against each other in each case.


From what region do Germany's best young welders come? And what DVS state branch will be able to be happy about the first place in the overall classification? The answers to these questions will be supplied by the 12th National DVS "Young Welders" Competition with which the week of weld champions' contests at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN will start. Those young talents which have previously been able to prevail over their opponents in the competitions on the levels of the DVS district and state branches will compete against each other two days' long (September 25 and 26). During the National DVS Competition, they will make every effort to secure the first place in the individual classification and the overall victory in the team classification in order to able to subsequently take the trophy for the best DVS state branch home with them too.


Once the best four young welders in Germany have been found, the search for the weld champions will continue on the European level. Eight nations will participate in the WELDCUP which will take place on September 27 and 28. Contestants from Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany will face up to this challenge while the international trade public at the fair cheer them on.


The Young Welders' Competitions 2017 will be concluded by the International Competition which will begin in the afternoon of September 28. It is now already certain that teams from Germany, Europe, China and Thailand will compete.


Who will win? From what countries do true weld champions come? What DVS state branches will be able to boast about having Germany's best young welders in their ranks? The Young Welders' Competitions 2017 will give the answers to these questions - i.e. it will be worth popping into the Kemper Arena.