Introduction of Key Topics for Optimum Visitor Guidance

The world's premier fair in the joining, cutting and surfacing sectors is setting itself up in an even more focused form: For SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017, Messe Essen's team has reorganised the halls in an intelligible way according to thematically appropriate main focal points. Thus, it will be even easier for the trade visitors from all over the world to orient themselves. The clear structure will support them in planning their stay at the fair in a targeted manner and in easily finding the exhibitors interesting for them. The exhibitors will profit from an appealing, thematically appropriate environment. They will be able to invite the visitors in a more targeted way and will be found better.

Messe Essen's team has drawn up the new segmentation in close agreement with the exhibitors and the German Welding Society (DVS). "With this step, we will establish a clear structure and offer visitors and exhibitors a large number of synergetic effects," explained Christina Kleinpaß, Project Manager for SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN at Messe Essen. The new structuring makes provision for division into the main focal points:

  • Welding
  • Welding - pre- and postweld machining (with occupational safety, workshop, gases, accessories and filler materials)
  • Cutting, robotic, automation and production plants (with gases and auxiliary materials)
  • Information technology (with gas, auxiliary materials, adhesive bonding, sealling, applying, quality and testing)
  • Services (with organisation, education, promotion of young welders and thermal spraying)

Provision has been made for seven fair halls for SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017. One to two complete halls will be available for each key topic. This intelligible segmentation will be supported by coloured guidance marking. Thus, exhibitors and trade visitors will receive an additional orientation aid.

The world's premier fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is being organised by Messe Essen. The cooperation partner is the German Welding Society (DVS). Because of the modernisation measures at Messe Essen, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN will make a one-off guest appearance in Düsseldorf from September 25 to 29, 2017. With around Euro 90 million, Messe Essen will be transformed into an up-to-date and competitive marketplace from May 2016. It will be provided with attractive entrance areas, a spacious, completely one-storey hall structure and the newest technology. As accustomed, the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN after next will take place in Essen – then on one of the technically most modern fair sites in Germany.