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Monitor G5

Monitor G5

MONITOR is a comprehensive ERP system with integrated BI. It consists of different modules that together cover all activities of a modern production company. MONITOR gives you full control over all business processes.

Production is the heart of the system. The system is optimised for production and production planning. In this module, parts lists and workflows are created, important calculations are carried out and production orders are registered. Here, the user has full control over allocation planning. He reports, draws pick lists, plans pools and uses coordinated processing.

This module supports the entire purchasing process, from enquiries to payments due. Suppliers are registered here, SRM is used, enquiries and purchase orders are created, labels are generated and incoming goods inspection is carried out. Supplier invoices are registered and supplier liabilities, payment of invoices and follow-up through purchasing statistics, supplier evaluation and order backlog are managed.

The module includes everything related to the sale of goods and services. It provides support for managing customers and future customers, BI, quotations, sales orders, deliveries, invoicing, statistics and tracking, as well as customer liabilities and liquidity forecasts.

Here the user sees what is in stock and what it is worth. The user uses effective and reliable demand planning, gets a first-class traceability overview and performs various inventory calculations.

Time recording
This is all about working hours: Recording attendance and work, basics for wages and salaries as well as functions for detailed planning, flow charts and much more.

In this module you manage the accounting of your company. Here you will find functions for account management, automatic posting/accounting, recording transactions, reports and tracking, as well as changing period and year. Here you will also find project accounting.

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5CUBE drives the digital transformation in manufacturing SMEs.

We optimise your value-adding and supporting processes in the best possible way and digitise them without media breaks. Thanks to many years of market experience and expertise, we are partners at eye level: we analyse, advise and optimise.