Application 2023


Booth rentals

The following net participation fees for the basic package have been set per square meter of floor space:

  • Aisle Stand: € 297.00
  • Corner Stand: € 301.00
  • End Stand: € 306.00
  • Island Stand: € 311.00
  • Inner court: € 146.00

The fee for co-exhibitors is € 957.00.

Please note

All prices exclude VAT. For the Trade Fair Committee of "Deutscher Wirtschaft e.V." (AUMA) € 0.60 per sqm is in the total account.

The invoice includes for every exhibitor the costs of the obligatory media package of € 786.00.

An energy and environment fee of € 5.00 per s.qm. will be charged. The energy and environment fee is charged up to a stand space of 200 sq.m.; no further charge is made for additional space.

The exact status of rental prices and further information for e.g.: Information on double-storey design, co-exhibitors, exhibitor badges etc. can see at the application documents.