Application 2023


Booth rentals

The following net participation fees for the basic package have been set per square meter of floor space:

  • Aisle Stand: € 297.00
  • Corner Stand: € 301.00
  • End Stand: € 306.00
  • Island Stand: € 311.00
  • Inner court: € 146.00

The fee for co-exhibitors is € 957.00.

Please note

All prices exclude VAT. For the Trade Fair Committee of "Deutscher Wirtschaft e.V." (AUMA) € 0.60 per sqm is in the total account.

The invoice includes for every exhibitor the costs of the obligatory media package of € 786.00.

An energy and environment fee of € 5.00 per s.qm. will be charged. The energy and environment fee is charged up to a stand space of 200 sq.m.; no further charge is made for additional space.

The exact status of rental prices and further information for e.g.: Information on double-storey design, co-exhibitors, exhibitor badges etc. can see at the application documents.

Exhibitors' Opinions

The inquiries had a high quality and were very interesting for us. Moreover, the visitors have surprised us with their high expertise throughout. A return in 2021 is definitely a must for us.
Yvonne Drabner, Partner, Novus air GmbH
Our expectations with regard to the fair have been met to the full and the result is very good. For us, it is the most important trade fair worldwide and the only one at which we experience immediate deals. Our own booth is planned for 2021.
Dr. Oliver Meier, Managing Director, Laser on demand GmbH
Our impression of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 is definitely positive. We encountered much higher internationality than we had originally expected. We could use the fair in order to look for and maintain the contacts to our target groups. The number and quality of the visitors to our booth were super - we are very satisfied.
Heiko Wolff, International Welding Specialist, Reuter GmbH & Co. KG
We are very satisfied with SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017. Here, we reach our core target groups and can hold a lot of high-quality discussions. In particular, we are pleased about the high internationality of the fair - on our booth, the ratio was about 50:50.
Robert Korte, Regional Sales Manager, FANUC Deutschland GmbH
For us, it was something special to present all the brands from the welding technology of our group of companies with our unique Factory Style fair booth and a very open booth design to the international trade public from the world of welding and cutting. The stream of visitors was exceptionally good and the feedback about our fair booth and about the introduced new product and process solutions even overwhelming.
Torsten Müller-Kramp, Managing Director, ABICOR BINZEL
Our participation in SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is a permanent constituent of our international marketing concept and we have been involved, so to speak, from the first hour. This year, too, we are very enthusiastic in view of the gigantic response on our booth: This year's guiding idea for our booth design related to the three Rs, "Real, Raw & Radical", which also matches our technology in a fantastic way. Our X8 flagship continues to be the highlight at the fair and enjoys the greatest popularity. The onrush on our booth was sensational and already surpassed all our expectations well before the end of the fair.
Frederic Lanz, Managing Director, Kemppi GmbH
We are very satisfied with the course of the fair and had a large number of highquality inquiries. With regard to new customers, we are establishing that they are mainly interested in new developments. Here, as well, we are pleased about extremely high visitor numbers per day. At times, the visitors even 'burst' our booth which we had this year deliberately designed to be very open and to offer a lot of space for discussions. In general, we see SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN as a platform in order to position ourselves as an innovation leader. The dialogue possibilities with the customer are playing a great role in this respect. For us, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is not a sales fair but instead an image and performance show. In this connection, the four-year cycle fits very nicely.
Harald Scherleitner, Head of PERFECT WELDING Division, Fronius International GmbH