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200th anniversary

200th anniversary

Two hundred years after Percival Norton Johnson founded the company, Johnson Matthey today is an global leader in science that provides cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources. This week Johnson Matthey reveals a refreshed brand identity. The new identity "inspiring science, enhancing life", reflects its position as a science-led company which has a major positive impact. Johnson Matthey is involved in a diverse array of science, from catalysts that enable cleaner air to pharmaceutical ingredients that improve health and its work is unified by a common theme - to enhance quality of life.


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Part of the Precious Metal Products Division, our Metal Joining business unit is a global supplier of brazing, soldering and industrial silver materials. We have over 100 years' experience supplying these products and have a reputation for excellent quality, customer service and technical support.

Our brazing products range is broad and we offer both standard and unique brazing solutions. To complement these products, we provide a range of specialised industrial soldering materials. We also offer industrial sliver and base metal materials, which use their unique physical and chemical properties in engineering, medical and industrial applications.

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