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KYOKUTOH automation solutions for joining technology

KYOKUTOH automation solutions for joining technology

KYOKUTOH is one of the global market leaders for highly efficient electrode tip dressers and electrode tip changers, which are in continuous operation by many international automobile manufacturers.

With our wide range of products, we offer the most optimal and economical solution for almost every tip dressing application : automatic and manual tip dressers, for mobile or stationary use, as a standard or individual solution. The innovative and flexible tip changers ensure extremely fast tip changes and, like the tip dressers, it can be customized. A large number of options and accessories are available for this purpose. In addition, our products can be perfectly combined and used very space efficient.

With our TIPMAN brand we offer peripheral devices for MIG/MAG arc welding. These systems automate the welding processes, making them more efficient and flexible. With the innovative Contact Tip Changer CTC-001 , contact tips can be changed automatically in about 40 seconds. Our Torch Cleaning Station NS-01 combines three functions: it precisely cuts the welding wire, cleans the torch with a reamer and sprays an anti-adhesive agent inside the nozzle. An unique system is the Auto Contact Tip Reformer CTR-001 , which recycles up to 150 used contact tips in one work flow. This minimizes the contact tip costs by at least 50% with at least the same quality. An important benfit: You protect the environment and make an important contribution to more sustainability.

Our technical sales team provides you with highly competent support and helps you from planning and construction to assembly and commissioning. In close cooperation, we develop an optimal concept for efficient automation. Of course, we take your individual requirements into account in order to find the best possible solution for you.

We also provide product trainings so your employees are also safe in handling our equipment. The training can take place in our training rooms or at your site. Of course, we also provide support after implementation. If there should be an emergency you can count on our immediate help!

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KYOKUTOH specializes in innovative solutions for automating welding applications in the field of spot and arc welding. We are one of the global market leaders for highly efficient, automatic electrode tip dressers and tip changers. We are also the manufacturer of the innovative contact tip changer, which is unique worldwide, and we are partner to almost all major automotive groups and suppliers.