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Product range

Wire feed mechanics and Accesories, wire feed motors, customized products

Two and four roll wire feed mechanics, CM and CWF series for MIG/MAg welding,  welding roboters, thermal spraying an for other special application

Wire straighteners, Wire reelers, Reel ub assemblies, Handles, Collet knobs, Gas preheaters, Euro central adaptors, Vario central adaptor systems, QSTA quick spring tension adjustment system,

Wire feed rolls, Wire feed motors, Customized products

Company profile

Manufacturing of wire feed systems for welding equipment, welding, robos, thermal spraying  and  other special applications.

Manufacturing of  wire dresser, wire reelers, reel hub assemblies, handles, collet knobs, gas preheater, Euro central adaptors, VARIO central adaptors, QSTA System, Wire feed rolls.

Manufacturing of customized products.