Makine Ihtisas OSB. M 35
TR 41455 Dilovasi-Kocaeli
Mr. YILMAZ Oytun
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Company profile

Gunes Dinamik is an advanced tooling manufacturer company from Turkey.  Our core business is the automotive industry; besides marine & aeronautics equipment manufacturing since 1968. Our facility has 10.000m2 closed spaces, with a large machine park, and is located in Dilovasi, Kocaeli. 

Our expertise is mainly manufacturing fully automated robotic welding & assembly tools with our high capability of engineering (process engineering, 3D&2D design, simulation, PLC, robot programming as well as the on-site installation and commissioning) 

Gunes Dinamik is also one of the biggest line integrators for various production facilities in Turkey. 

Our goal is to spread our services through the global markets with our quality and customer-oriented management skills.