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Mr. Normen Günzlein

Company profile

Hanstaucher GmbH: Your Reliable Partner for Professional Underwater Work and Ordnance Disposal in Inshore and Offshore Areas

The Hanstaucher GmbH is an established and professional commercial diving company that has been active in the market since 1968 and has been successfully engaged in ordnance disposal since 2005. The company has gained a reputation as a competent provider of various underwater tasks, including underwater welding, underwater cutting, inspections of water structures in both above-water and underwater domains. Another significant aspect of the company's operations is ordnance disposal.

The expertise of Hanstaucher GmbH extends to both inshore and offshore areas. The company operates in Germany and neighboring countries, offering its services along the coastlines as well as on the high seas. Particularly in the offshore sector, Hanstaucher GmbH operates in the North and Baltic Seas, where it effectively manages a wide range of underwater tasks and successful ordnance disposal projects.

One of Hanstaucher GmbH's core competencies lies in underwater welding. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise, the company can safely and precisely carry out challenging welding tasks in underwater environments. These skills are particularly invaluable in industries such as shipbuilding, offshore applications, and other maritime sectors.

Inspections of water structures and ships are of paramount importance to ensure the safety and integrity of bridges, docks, harbor facilities, and other structures along the waterline, as well as to facilitate the secure transportation of people and goods. The company is equipped with modern technology and advanced equipment to conduct accurate inspections both underwater and above water.

In the field of ordnance disposal, Hanstaucher GmbH has achieved high technical standards and is well-equipped. Clearing ordnance from past conflicts is an extremely demanding task that requires expertise, safety measures, and professional equipment. The elimination of legacy burdens is a heartfelt commitment of Hanstaucher GmbH, as it contributes to the sustainable reduction of water pollution. The company has a proven track record in the safe removal of ordnance from underwater environments and is continuously engaged in ordnance disposal projects.

As an exhibitor at the "Welding and Cutting" trade fair, Hanstaucher GmbH presents its comprehensive capabilities and technologies. With a highly qualified team of professional divers and experts, the company embodies professionalism, safety, and quality.

Visitors are warmly invited to visit the Hanstaucher GmbH booth and learn more about their innovative solutions and services in the areas of underwater welding, inspections of underwater and overwater structures, and ordnance disposal in both inshore and offshore domains. Hanstaucher GmbH is your dependable partner for a wide array of underwater tasks and ordnance disposal.