. 206, Noksansaneopbuk-ro, Gangseo-
KR 46753 Busan
Ms. Hye min Kang

Company profile

ILHUNG has specialized in welding equipment since 1976 with continuous innovation. We always value a better and happier life for humankind and take social responsibility as a global company for this purpose. In particular, bolt-free molded welding helmets, single cables, and flexible torch body, completed with our unique technology, have been steadily receiving interest and love from customers since their launch and have established themselves as standard models in Korea. We are not satisfied with this and are actively expanding and developing new product lines such as welding fume extraction system, exclusive cables through the high-efficiency energy production system, eco-friendly industrial rubber hose, and intelligent welding system to respond to the diversifying global market. Feel free to reach out to us when you look for leading welding products.