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A lack of skilled workers, high investments and changing batch sizes make it difficult to automate welding processes in small and medium-sized companies. With RoboCon, the INperfektion GmbH has developed a solution together with their partners that addresses these problems in an extraordinary way: The fully functional robot welding cell is housed in a recycled shipping container.

RoboCon is mobile and flexible and can be placed wherever it is needed. Whether in the factory hall or outdoors - all that is needed is a power connection and the cell is ready for use.


INperfektion GmbH in the MEDIA CENTER

Robot welding from the container Fully functional, mobile and flexible to use, just one power connection and the cell is ready for use.
Photographer: INperfektion GmbH

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As a full-service provider with a focus on automation, we are your experts in the development, design, production and optimisation of automated machines and systems. Our solution includes the control system as well as robotics. We look for innovations to increase efficiency for you and are your reliable partner in the modernisation and design of your processes.