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New Tip Monitor supervises the electrodes for spot welding applications

New Tip Monitor supervises the electrodes for spot welding applications

The new Tip Monitor TMN-01 from Kyokutoh Co. LTD monitors the condition of the electrodes in spot welding applications after the caps are dressed. The Tip Monitor takes images of the upper and lower electrode and analyzes the captured image to measure the size of the weld face and the reflectivity of the surface to ensure a complete and proper dress has occurred. The Tip Monitor sends these images along with the pass/fail data for storage on PC. The device is connected to the PC through CC link or device net. Up to 15 Tip Monitors may be connected to a single PC.

This type of device is crucial for applications where the quality of the weld is extremely important as it provides an easy and reliable record of the quality of the electrodes which may be viewed at a later date. The diameter of the weld face is able to regulated within a tenth of a millimeter or greater depending on customizable configurations.
The Tip Monitor also comes with several accessories such as pneumatic activated shutters that cover the camera to prevent debris respectively dust from accumulating on the lens. The unit also has an option for a tool-less bracket that allows for easy installation or rather remove when periodic maintenance is needed. A wide variety of electrode types may be used, with diameters ranging from 13, 16, and 19 millimeters.

Company profile

KYOKUTOH is specialized in innovative solutions for the automation of welding applications. We are one of the market leaders for automatic Tip Dressers and Tip Changers worldwide and supply almost all well-known OEMs and suppliers of the automotive industry.