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About us
With a professional welding table, you can work faster and easier. With a professional welding table, you can work faster and easier. And that poses a barrier for many entrepreneurs. There must be another way to do that, right? That is certainly possible: since 2007 we at lastafelshop.com have been offering very affordable welding tables of excellent quality. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to quickly and inexpensively purchase a beautiful welding table!

We make, test and use all products ourselves.
We make our welding tables ourselves in our workshop. All products in our webshop are first extensively tested and used by our team before it goes into the webshop. Step by step we grew to the webshop as it is today. By having our tables with standard dimensions in stock and because we are a small company, we can switch quickly and therefore deliver quickly. Which has the advantage of allowing you to get started quickly!

This is how Lastafelshop came into being

I am Ruud de Boer, owner of Lastafelshop.com. Lastafelshop was actually born out of a need from my own contracting company. I wanted to purchase a welding table, but unfortunately the investment proved too large for my business at that time. Knowing how much time I could save with such a table, I decided to design and make my own welding table. After making three tables for my own use, I was asked if the tables could also be ordered. From that growing demand from customers, the company and the web shop were born. We also received regular requests for a different size of table, so we have slowly grown into an increasingly wide range of tables and tools. We continue to develop based on the questions we receive from our customers.

On behalf of the entire team, we wish you lots of job satisfaction!