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Mr. Kay Nagel
Products and innovations

magneticDRIVE together with the new short time welding procedure

NIMAK presents the revolutionary drive technology magneticDRIVE together with the brand new short time welding procedure. Welding times of only a few milliseconds can now be realized and an alternative to the previous capacitor discharge welding is now available.

The very fast magneticDRIVE force generation and follow-up system is preconditioned and also responsible for controlling increase and decrease of electrode force in a big ra nge and in milliseconds. Short time welding in combination with magneticDRIVE can be used in all resistance welding applications: in stationary spot and projection welding machines as well as in robot guns. The extremely short and controlled welding process and the fastest follow-up unit open completely new opportunities in modern multi material mix.

Furthermore NIMAK will exhibit a completely new robot welding gun concept. The robot gun developed by NIMAK will defy all conventions. This gun is made to outshine all previous ones concerning simplicity, reduction of weight and parts, power as well as functionality.