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Company profile


Founded in 1986 Novofil has steadily grown over the years, developing its resources and expertises. Since the 1980s was one of the leading Italian manufacturers of welding wires for MIG / MAG and TIG ensuring high quality standards and maximum flexibility to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

From 2016 Novofil has completely renewed all its organizational features, detaching itself from the Petitto Group and following indipendently a path that is increasingly oriented to the research and development of its products in line with the changed and different needs of the reference markets. The plant, located in Avellino, is equipped with modern technologies that ensure constant quality on products. Thanks to the important role of the Research and Development Department, the company has introduced a new wire coating process which has increased the efficiency in the welding of 30% and has greatly reduced the emission of toxic fumes. The company continues to actively work in order to find new and better solutions in the welding market. In only two years, Novofil has increased its production capacity acquiring market shares also in emerging countries. This constant growth then led to the recent corporate transition from S.r.l. in S.p.A. witnessing the company’s will to operate for continuous improvement.