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Products and innovations

INOX system make up

INOX system make up

Electrochemical system for all the treatments on Stainless Steel (degreasing, deoxidizing, pickling, passivation, marking/etching) using non dangerous  chemical products.

The system allows up to two workers to work at the same time, and it employs many programs to work on any kind of finishing, also polished surfaces producing no matte effect. In can treat any type / quality of welding, making also localized electropolishing and burnishing treatments.

Video maintenance / elimination of existing corrosion

Company profile

Manufacturer of Chemical Products, Plants and Equipments for metal surfaces treatment, especially for Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Carbon Steel and other metals. Our internal Research and Development Laboratories always manage to find out customized solutions, gaining a prominent position both in the national and international scene. RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP is steadily striving for the development of up-to-date Technologies, which guarantee to its national and international customers a significant cutting in production time, with respect for the Environment and the Operator Safety.

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