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Selectarc is the only metal foundry for brazing filler metals in France and inventor of the copper-phosporus brazing alloy. 

Selectarc offers :

  • different brazing filler materials copper-phosphorus, copper-phosphorus, silver alloys, ternary and quaternary silver solders, brass, nickel-silver, aluminium and fluxes.
  • different shapes, diameters and packaging

The silver alloys TBW® range combines the fluidity of the high silver content products with the safety and effectiveness of a tubular wire. The quantity of the integrated flux is optimized and protected from air and humidity. TBW® brings more safety during operation, less energy consumption and is easy to form in various shapes such as rings for effective automated applications.



Product range


  • Productivity superior to manual welding
  • Wires for high-quality welding
  • Ease-of-use
  • Welding in confined spaces
  • ISO 9001 certification

The automatic TIG ORBITAL process allows for the welding of all types of thicknesses, even the thinnest, and for access to places which are almost inaccessible using other processes.

In order to respond to the leading-edge requirements of customers in terms of the quality stability of the alloys, Selectarc offers a wide choice of alloys for multiple
applications : non-alloyed and low-alloy steels, stainless, duplex and super-duplex steels, nickel, titanium, aluminium and copper alloys.

Selectarc wires are used in many high technological value markets such as aeronautical, agri-foodstuffs, electricity, heat and nuclear power stations, shipbuilding, electronics, chemical and petrochemical industries, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Product range



Selecarc is a partner committed to aeronautical and aerospace programmes

  • Historical know-how
  • Approved supplier
  • Wide choice of alloys and special wires
  • Clear identification of the products
  • Technical advice
  • Responsiveness
  • Research and Development
  • ISO 9001 : 2008 certification and EN 9100 approach

In order to respond to customers’ needs in terms of foundry work, assembly and maintenance, SELECTARC offers a wide choice of nickel, cobalt, titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel alloys, low alloyed steels, lockwires in various types and diameters and tie wires. 

The cleanliness of the wires is guaranteed using electrochemical and mechanical pickling processes. 

The products, which are used by the largest manufacturers and sub-contractors in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors, are available in standard packaging (rods, coils weighing 15 kg, 5kg, and 1 kg, among other weights) or in any type of packaging made according to customer specifications. Due to the flexibility of its production, SELECTARC can adapt to any special requests.

Applications : 

  • Engine housings
  • Exhaust casings
  • Intermediate casings
  • Rectification of faults in foundry parts
  • Manufacture of pods

In order to reduce the risk of mix-ups in products used in production, and to better identify its alloys and diameters, Selectarc offers you the possibility of personalisation like : 

  • Stamping
  • Your choice of paint
  • Flagging: grade, diameter, standard, batch number
  • Packaging: availability of a wide range of crystal cases, made under vacuum or controlled atmosphere conditions.

Certification : Selectarc has obtained numerous authorisations, including special forms of certification from AIRBUS GROUP and the Safran Group .
Advice and support : A team of engineers and experienced welders help customers with selecting the materials that are best suited for each application.
Research and Development (R&D) : our R&D Department carries out product tests (mechanical and non-destructive tests) in accordance with customers’ requests

Product range



Laser welding and hardfacing with filler wire

This welding method used in the automotive, electronics, aeronautics, medical, jewelery... has several

  • Depositing the minimum amount of material without altering the base metal properties
  • No distortion of parts, or too high temperature rises
  • Shiny bead appearance and no heating trace on peripheral areas
  • Seal set guarantee
  • Joining elements of small dimensions

The micro-laser filler metal range is available in :

  • 1m rods packed by 50 rods boxes
  • 330 mm rods packed by 150 rods
  • 50 meter spools on D100
  • Diameter range from 0,2 mm to 0,6 mm
Product range



Selectarc provides a large range of welding stick electrodes; from the standard mid steel with rutile or basic coating to the highest alloys used for heavy duty sectors and all types of applications (energy, transportation, petrochemicals, HVAC, M&R...) where high performances on both special joining or anti wear coatings are required.

  • un-alloyed
  • low alloyed
  • high-alloyed steel
  • cast iron
  • nickel alloys



Company profile

Selectarc is the French manufacturer of welding and brazing filler metals, which develops, manufactures, preconizes and distributes in France and abroad. As a leading industrial group with expertise in joining, repair and anti-wear coatings, Selectarc has two production sites, a logistics platform, an R&D center and support functions located at its headquarters.  

Selectarc's offer covers the needs of strategic and demanding sectors such as: nuclear, defense, naval, aeronautical, railway, HVAC or Oil & Gas. It offers welding filler metals (coated electrodes, solid or cored wires for MIG/MAG/TIG processes) as well as brazing filler materials (aluminium, copper or copper silver, rods and preforms) and development & service.  

Selectarc focuses on the quality of its products & solutions and offers a high flexibility thanks to its unique manufacturing processes.