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Best products for best warranty during fabrication

Best products for best warranty during fabrication

Solysol only recommends and supply welding equipment and consumables from leading brands in the Welding Field:

  • ESAB, founded in 1904: 120 years of innovation and the best products for welding and cutting
  • AWS, founded in 1919 - Trust in a prestigious brand for education and certification of welding personnel
  • The widest range on the market - Worldwide presence for after-sales service anywhere in the world
  • Stability and reliability in supply,
  • Better competitiveness thanks to superior performance: Products of excellent quality, durability that provide an increase in PRODUCTIVITY, which means an improvement in COSTS.

These principles apply to all brands represented by Solysol-

Company profile

Solysol Arc-Tech welding technology center.

We are a team of highly qualified professionals within the field of welding, having many years of experience assisting companies with their most challenging projects where Welding Quality and Welding Productivity matter.

In our Welding Technology Center we can develop and verify welding procedures for a wide range of materials using manual, semiautomatic, fully automated, and robotic arc-welding processes, as well as other state of the art welding processes. Our goal is to provide you with the most suitable processes and procedures that best fit your needs.

Using our experience and know-how, we first develop the welding procedures by making trial runs. We then test the welded samples in order to verify that they meet all of the project requirements. Finally, we help you implement the process and procedures by educating and training your welding personnel (engineers, inspectors & coordinators, and welders), both qualifying and certifying them. We can even commission the right equipment to successfully execute the job.

From production planning, to quality control, to joint discussions with your customer, we get involved. By monitoring and following up at each phase of the project we can help you to reach optimal productivity and cost targets, while meeting applicable standards and requirements.

We also have extensive experience in technical and commercial negotiations as they relate to welding fabrication. We can assist, guide, educate, and certify (with AWS certification) your commercial team, helping to provide added value to your product offer when discussing with your customers.

International Agent for the American Welding Society.
AWS accredited Testing Facility for Welders