Via Alessandro Dudan 16/C
IT 00143 Roma

Company profile

The STELIN company has developed over the years thanks to the continuous evolution of its products. Our cutting-edge technical office has made it possible to improve and develop the best products for automatic orbital welding. We have invested a lot of resources and we continue in this sense to progress in the search for the most suitable technical solutions for our market. Over 25 years of experience in the construction and sale of machines for orbital welding, have made us protagonists of a market that is certainly competitive but which requires real knowledge of the problems to be faced in this type of welding.
We design and develop products for orbital welding at our company in Rome, in collaboration with our other partner companies that, thanks to the use of our know-how, are able to comply with the precise construction and testing specifications we provide. All our welding products are guaranteed and certified, a sign of reliability and competence in the sector.