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Single blade cutter

Single blade cutter

Our TiN coated in HSS single blade cutters remove the oxides on the dressed electrodes’ surface.
1. Dressed surfaces’ roughness of 0.5 Ra.
2. Welding lens diameter on Customer request.
3. Copper chips thickness dimensions: about 0.8 mm.
Thanks to the above features, we guarantee quality of dressed electrodes with the below points:
1. regardless the Dresser brand on which the cutters
are installed
2. only on RFRW bush
3. on starting dressing cycle with new electrode
4. on dressing cycle with used electrode
5. blades suitable for 10000 dressing cycles
6. available on request: Life Cycle Cost Analysis RX.2 VS single blades cutters


Sinterleghe is an italian company leader in design, production and sales of tip dressers, electrodes changers and hard metal cutters to dress resistance welding electrodes.