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AGEN RSSA // Robotic Structural Steel Assembler

 We are producing Robotic Structural Steel Assembly lines from 2 robots to 5 robots. While one robot is assembling the plate or add-parts , the others are tacking and welding the parts. The system increases the product quality and productivity. Please check our YouTube videos to see the system in action. http://www.youtube.com/abkaautomation lso you can follow us on Linkedin. http://www.linkedin.com/company/abka-automation/


Agen Duo // 2 robots assembly line

Agen Duo which has two industrial robots is a fully automatic robotized structural steel assembler.
One of the robots is handling robot and carries magnetic gripper and also laser scanner. It can carry plates or add parts up to 400 pounds (app. 200kg) 
Other one is welding robot with high accuracy sensors. It measures profile geometric properties and also welds with high quality up to a15. It has multi pass weld support.