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CDP-M series: Upgrade in new design with electronic and mechanical monitoring

CDP-M series: Upgrade in new design with electronic and mechanical monitoring

The entire product range of the power units for stud welding with drawn-arc and short-cycle welding as well as from now for capacitor discharge stud welding and round off the product spectrum is completed.

The power units for capacitor discharge stud welding with capacities ranging from 66 mF to 132 mF are now state-of-the-art. Here, too, digital position measurement has been introduced in combination with the compact welding gun "GAP-M" with integrated position measuring system: stud overlap, lifting dimension, immersion and piston speed are always displayed in the basic menu of the power units and optionally monitored and recorded with the electrical process control.

As a result, the CDP-M series devices now also meet the already proven inverter power units of the DAI series for drawn-arc and short-cycle stud welding with welding currents from 1000A to 3000A in their operating functionality and menu design.

In addition to numerous other features, all performance units have the following features: By means of a menu "way-measurement", in which individual values for stud-overlap, lifting dimension or immersion depth inclusive tolerance can be made by the machine installer independently of a process control. If the response thresholds are reached, the respective field in the basic menu is highlighted in color; but the welding process can be continued without interruption. When the optional process control is switched on, warning symbols block the welding process when the response thresholds are reached; a ring memory records all values, which can be read out via USB interface.


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