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Product range


CEA produces a very wide range of “high tech” inverter based products and a few conventional as well, fully in-house developed & manufactured too, in order to meet all needs of the industry.Our large variety of arc welding products are really dedicated to all industrial and professional applications for MMA, TIG, MIG-MAG and MIG PULSED welding , some of which customized to complex automation and robotized procedures.

PLASMATECH is the CEA division dedicated to Plasma cutting technology. Thanks to over 30 years’ experience in the cutting sector, CEA PLASMATECH will become your strategic partner, focused on the plasma cutting field, fully meeting all market needs in a most efficient way.

CEA RESTECH is the CEA division dedicated to Resistance welding equipment.
CEA resistance manufacture started in 1950 even if its story dates back to 1936. Nowadays CEA RESTECH is unique for its extensive range of Resistance products and offers a very large variety of both equipment for the industry and component kits for integrators.
In partnership with TECNOROBOT we also offer very advanced solutions to complex automation and robotized procedures.

Company profile

CEA S.p.A., founded by Ezio Annettoni in 1950, is one of the world's leading companies for the design and manufacturing of Arc (MIG, TIG, MMA) welding machines, Resistance welding machines and Plasma Cutting machines conceived for the industrial marke. Unique for its extensive range, CEA and its sister companies (Bridge 4 companies) are always ahead in technological innovation and able to fully satisfy all needs also  in industrial automation and robotized welding and cutting solutions. Thanks to its worldwide experience, CEA works together with its worldwide distributors and service centres, scattered in over 70 Countries, in order to satisfy, as main objective, all the various needs of all markets. CEA's service centres, highly qualified and constantly updated, ensure a prompt and efficient after sale intervention, with the primary goal of immediately solving any problem and providing the final user best possible service.