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Products and innovations

SYNSTAR 350 - 400 - 500 TS

SYNSTAR 350 - 400 - 500 TS

Cebora presents the new professional SYNSTAR line.

Product range

WIN TIG AC-DC 230 M - Art. 559

WIN TIG AC-DC 230 M - Art. 559

WIN TIG AC-DC 230 M (Art. 559) is a single-phase direct and alternated current inverter power source with HF ignition for TIG and MMA welding, with a modular design that facilitates the integration of the new optional cooling unit (Art. 1685).
An optional trolley (Art. 1676) for trasportation of the power source and the cooling unit is also available.
Thanks to the new user-friendly 5” LCD colour touch screen display, all the major functions can be easily adjusted:
› Ignition HF TIG, LIFT, EVO-LIFT and EVO-START modes.
› DC TIG process with a minimum current of 3 A useful to carryover operations on metal mould edges.
› AC TIG process with a minimum current of 5 A that allows the transfer on very thin aluminum pieces , adjustable frequency from 50 to 200 Hz, selectable penetration and cleaning waveforms (square, sinusoidal and triangular) with independent adjustment of amplitude and duration of the half-waves during penetration and cleaning
› TIG MIX (AC+DC) function to improve welding on cold pieces.
› Quick spotting function with minimal heat input thanks to a specific program that allows the accurate adjustment (10 ms) of the welding time parameter and intermittence time suitable for DC and AC work on thin sheets.
› DC PULSE process as standard.
› DC XP (eXtra Pulse) TIG process allows the welding current to pulse up to 15 kHz frequencies, generating an extremely focused and penetrating welding arc, for a high feed rate (+ 30%) and maximized productivity.
› DC APC TIG process allows the welding current to be automatically adjusted, keeping a steady voltage, regardless of the distance changed from the workpiece. Such adjustment is generally controlled by the foot pedal switch
› VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) function: in MMA mode, enhances safety in dangerous environments
› JOB function that allows to easily save 99 welding programs
› Internal USB port for software update
› Easily removable cooling grid.
› Prearranged for integration into simple automation via optional analog interface kit (Art. 456)
› Possibility of remote control panel (Art. 457)
› Variable speed fan that reduces the power source maintenance
The PFC system brings substantial energy savings. Equipped with digital ammeter/voltmeter with 1% accuracy and thermal protection devices.
Complies with EN 61000-3-12

Company profile

Cebora Company is an Italian leader in the manufacturing of welding, (MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA/SMAW, Spotters), plasma cutting and automation power sources, industrial wheels and internal handling wheels. Cebora is globally renowned since 1954 for the quality and reliability of its products and it uses its expertise and investments in R&D to supply to more than 80 countries high quality, made in Italy power sources.

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