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The IPERJET DF 3DST1 Dust Collector has been designed to capture ST1 Combustible Dusts.
The Heavy-Duty Painted Steel Cabinet has been tested to withstand a deflagration to be used outdoors with an Explosion Vent or indoors with a Flameless Vent.
The polluted air is drawn into the unit by the top mounted integrated fan into the large vertical pre-chamber.
The air velocity is slowed down by the internal deflector plates so larger particles will drop out of the airstream by means of mechanical separation into the first dust container on caster for easy disposal.
The remaining particles are then filtered by the main cartridge filters. The filters are automatically cleaned by the on demand reverse jet pulse filter cleaning system. These particles are released from the filters and fall into the large secondary fine dust container located under the filters for easy disposal.
The filtered air is then discharged out the top of the unit and back into the workspace.


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The quality of the air we breathe is part of the primary rights to be fulfilled in order to protect our health and the life of future generations.
The CORAL Company is well known around the world for being highly specialized in the production of components, systems and installations designed to meet the needs of most industrial areas.
This worldwide success was not gained by chance, but it is the result of commitment, careful engineering and manufacturing strategies.


Cart mounted dust and fume collectors - Cartridge and sleeve filters – Venturi water filters - Storage Silo - Filtering extraction units for metal, chemical, electronic, textile, food and woodworking industry – Downdraft horizontal and vertical filtering walls and benches - Soldering fumes filters - Oil mist&fume filters – Standalone filter towers - Source fume capture articulated suction arms – Spray paint dry and water booths – Activated carbon filters - Soundproofed cabins & panels - Pressurized cabins & dust free rooms – Centrifugal fans - Soundproofed boxes for fans - Ductwork and accessories - Smoke and vapour filters - Hose reels with fans– ATEX certified filters, accessories and fans.