No. 1-57, Gangnan Li, Anding District
Ms. Lily Wang

Company profile

Established in 1979, Dahching Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is an experienced Welding Machine manufacturer specializing in customized production of Resistance Welding Machines for custom applications such as:Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Seam Welding, Flash Butt / Butt Welding and Heating / Upsetting applications intertwined with Single Phase or Three Phase AC Inverters, DC Capacitor Discharge, and Three Phase Rectified DC current solutions with distinct welding penetration. 

Dahching is also capable of fabricating tailor-made welding machines that meet the specific demands of our valued customers. For example, welding machines for shock absorber, brake shoes, cap nuts, fuel tanks, gratings, bus bars for smelter pots or air con and refrigerator compressors etc. 

We highly recommend our specialized seam welding housing and cutting edge, energy saving Transformer. Last but not least, Dahching also offers high quality control and excellent after-sales services. 

Nearly 30 years of experience in customized manufacturing of resistance welding machines combined with a strong desire for innovation, has made the Dahching team develop highly-innovative and user-friendly products and become the first choice for partnership and cooperation.