Via Civinelli 1150
IT 47522 Cesena

Company profile

DAVI, the largest world manufacturer, produces plate and angle roll, completely made in Italy. Plate roll to bend plate from 1 to 400 mm thickness. Angle Roll for Beams up to 1200 mm high, for Pipes up to 800 mm diameter, for Flanges up to 600 x 200 on edge.

 Dun & Bradstreet awarded DAVI as “Most Reliable Rating 1” (the only worldwide); NASA Space Agency, awarded DAVI with its “Appreciation Award”, for its two research centers “Laser controlled” DAVI roll.

 DAVI offers “Customer Care” service to answer the customer needs, anywhere in the world, quickly and efficiently, with its professional service team, dedicated exclusively to customer service (installation and service).