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Product range

Wear Plates

ABRAPLATE, Ergotem's wear plate is a unique carbide clad plate on mild steel base with excellent wear resistant properties that ensure long lifecycle of equipment parts and low wear related costs in the long term. Offered in various quality grades, dimensions and thicknesses according to customer specifications, Abraplates quarantee life maximization for your machinery and equipment with multiple applications in various industries including; Power Generation, Mining, Cement, Recycling & Steel.

Product range

Hardfacing Fabrications

Fabricated parts and constuctions developed by Ergotem's wear resistant plates accoring to customer specifications and drawings.

Company profile

Entering the Hardfacing business in 1997, by developing a sophisticated production line, ERGOTEM has acquired a reputation of excellence and reliability in the global Hardfacing industry, offering wear protection solutions for equipment and industrial installations.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced solutions for evolving wear problems while being the leading provider of sustainable hard facing products and consulting services that ensure optimum wear protection, maximized equipment service life as well as increased production efficiencies. Working hand in hand with our valued customers around the world, we share a common goal: Maximum Performance, Minimum Wear.


ERGOTEM’s experienced engineering & commercial teams analyze customers’ needs, design optimum solutions, develop superior quality products and ensure efficient and fast delivery to fulfill the industry’s specific requirements.Using sophisticated technology and the highest quality raw materials in its own production facilities in Athens, Greece, ERGOTEM produces premium end-products that guarantee life maximization for your machinery and equipment.


Over the past 20 years, ERGOTEM provides integrated, customized solutions to wear problems in local and international markets. With strong outward orientation and dedicated sales points in over 35 countries worldwide, ERGOTEM has a solid international presence, ensuring proximity and easy access to its products & services globally.


Growing with our customers and their evolving needs, while facing the perplex business and environmental challenges, we are committed to investing in R&D projects and design solutions to tackle wear problems before they arise.


In-house laboratory facilities allow us to undertake extensive quality control procedures, perform microstructure examinations and hardness testing, and securely certify the superior quality of all ERGOTEM’s products.


Possessing well qualified human and technical resources, state-of-art manufacturing capabilities and innovative orientation, ERGOTEM is one of the leading manufacturers and a first-choice partner for a wide range of projects in the hardfacing industry.